"Caleb is every bit as good as you’d imagine. His teaching is invigorating, inspiring and unexpected, filled with imagination and verve. He makes big mountains feel scalable and fuses craft and vision with enormous dexterity."

Tim Roseman, Artistic Director, Playwriting Australia.  Australia's National Playwriting Body


"Caleb is simply an exceptional teacher of writing and performing both comic and dramatic material.  He develops  a rapport quickly with students that facilitates engagement, sharing and courage.  Students are challenged to step up and deliver and are able to thrive on this challenge.  In saying this I am referring to every student Caleb has worked with, not just some.  This in itself teaches students an enormous amount about how to produce work that is bold, heartfelt and connected to an audience.  He is a magician."

Anne Thompson, Director of Studies, Flinders University Drama Centre.  South Australia.


"Caleb's knack for combining strong characters, stories and educational material has made him an invaluable part of Poetry in Action's success. His shows have been performed to over 100,000 students across the country and have been a part of our expansion into one of Australia's largest Theatre in Education providers. He is an outstanding artist who would be of enormous benefit to any school looking at acquiring his services. "

Bryce Youngman, Artistic Director, PIA [Poetry in Action]


Caleb has the ability to capture the imaginations and attentions of young people with his welcoming personality, enthusiasm for his craft and broad knowledge base.  He is a skilled facilitator with a variety of age groups, from the very young to older, more experienced students and is able to structure workshops as one-off intensives or extended courses over terms or even semesters.  He is a pleasure to work with.

Adele Jeffreys, Education Manager, ATYP, The Australian Theatre for Young People


Caleb is an astute, dynamic, imaginative and witty teacher who inspires creative confidence in high school Drama and English students, empowering them to craft scripts of integrity and flair, using their own ‘voice’.

Joanne George, Deputy Co-ordinator of Creative Arts. Pittwater House.  Former Head of Drama at Tara Anglican School for Girls, Parramatta


Caleb's knowledge of the writing process is exceptional and he is able to clearly convey and pass on this knowledge to students.  Since Caleb began teaching at Rutherford, our students have made the "Fast and Fresh" finals for six years running and twice won best play.  This is proof of Caleb's outstanding ability.

Andrew O'Callaghan, Head of Drama, Rutherford Technology High School, Hunter Valley NSW