From the Outside Looking In


See the car parked out front.  Get in. 

There’s a woman behind the wheel.   She doesn't see you.  She can’t hear what you say. 

Tonight you’re a passenger.


This is a brief powerful experience for up to four at a time in a highly charged space.  In an up close and personal setting, listen to a series of messages play out on stranger’s phone as her own life unravels, piecing together the story of a proposal, a discovery and ultimately her purpose here tonight. 

From the Outside Looking In is a stylish Noir investigation into social responsibility, audience complicity and the gulf between passivity and action. 

* First devised for Rocksurfer's"Homebrew Festival" at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in 2009 and revived in 2010,




8 minutes




(1 Female)


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