"Our knowledge of the past survives in two basic forms:

the artifacts and sites that survive and the stories that have been told.


A Little History Play brings together theatre, Indy role-playing games, and board game design into three glorious nights of revolution.  Each night, participants form a newly elected government tasked with steering a fledgling nation through uncertain times, reacting to crises, passing laws, knowing fully well their actions will reverberate through history.  At the end of one hour, each group will commemorate its reign, leaving a monument for future generations.  And on the next night, another group sits down to play, inheriting this world some decades later, to rule for themselves, at least for a while. 

A Little History Play is a live, theatrical, episodic, game, in which participating audiences play successive generations of a fictional nation, determined to craft their own Utopia, before leaving it behind to those who follow.  Guided by the artist as government advisor, every night, stark choices will need to be made, compromises reached, and solutions discovered as each government does battle with the random hand of fate as well as unseen consequences to prior actions and policies.  This means that every night will be different from the last, and that every time the work is staged, different nations will rise and fall, as their brief histories are documented for posterity.



60 minutes




10 players per night; 1 facilitator