6 Million Hits



in collaboration with

John Curtin College of the Arts


"One of my teachers.  She thought if I ignored it, it'd all just go away. 

But that's not true, is it?  I'm still up there.  And all it takes is a search."



Australian Writers Guild Award: Best Youth and Community Play (2015)



Department of Culture and the Arts 'Artists in Residence' Grant (2014)


Welcome to Online. 

A modern colosseum where stars are made and lives ruined in the blink of an eye.   A ravenous beast, ever-hungry for the latest scandal or sensation.  Plus there’s cat videos too!

Here you can be anyone.  Anonymous or Infamous. Famous or a fan.  Everyone gets their fifteen seconds of fame.  But how do you survive when suddenly you’ve got six million hits and the entire world starts watching?

When footage taken on a school camp is uploaded online, the feeding frenzy begins.   As the situation spins out of control, those involved must navigate their way out of a maze of their own making, meeting the lost souls of others who have unwittingly achieved fame or infamy online.

Working alongside playwright, Caleb Lewis, students from John Curtin College of the Arts reflect on their own online experience while trawling the net for its heroes and villains in a bid to hear their side of the story and to pose the question, 'What if it happened to you?'

Staged inside a purpose-built labyrinth under the roof of a Fremantle warehouse, and co-authored by the ensemble, this is engaging immersive theatre at its best.