In a Dark Dark Wood


“And some people say, that when a person loses their imagination

and forgets how to love - well that's how monsters are born."


Pippa and her little brother Mo live in a caravan on the edge of the woods.  The family is poor but rich in imagination.  When Pippa runs away after a birthday party upset,  her brother follows her deep into the Woods.  There they discover a hidden seaside, a ‘magic’ ice-cream truck and new parents too good to be true.  But when the children grow homesick, they’ll need all their wits to escape their bird-brained captors and find their way home. 

Based on the much loved 'Hansel and Gretel' by the Brothers Grimm,  In a Dark Dark Wood is a nimble two-hander, combining storytelling, puppetry and play with bucket-loads of rich imagination. 




In a Dark Dark Wood was commissioned by Barking Gecko Theatre Company.  

The play opens in Perth, Australia in September 2016.  Tickets available here.




50 minutes