Songs for the Deaf 


“I want to go swimming.  I want to hold your hand.  

Does that sound fucked up?  I don’t want to swim on my own”


Three short plays fusing reality and fantasy, high tragedy and black comedy, in a landscape where modern suburbia and old world myth collide.



Late one night on an empty beach a bear and a rabbit find one another. 

(1 Male, 1 Female)


The Half Windsor

A man, a bum, an empty alley.  A Darwinian battle for status and survival in the bowels of Sydney’s lower depths.

(2 Males)



When Becca’s mum leaves, Dad and the kids hatch a plan to win her back.  The car is sold, a second hand video camera is bought and the injuries begin…

(1 Female)

Winner: Naked Theatre Company's Write Now National Play competition




1 Female, 2 Male




60 mins total




“Lewis is a genuine new writing talent.  He has an ear for the manners and anxieties of contemporary Australia.” 

The Australian   


“A tour-de-force for writer and performer”

City Messenger




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