Destroyer of Worlds


"The city a jagged crown against a platinum sky.  Sirens klaxon.  Buildings topple and fall."


"She wanted to watch "The Ice Storm" and I wanted to watch "Godzilla" and I realised in that moment, we weren't going to make it."

A semi-autobiographical tale about a couple imploding, a bomb exploding and how Love sometimes makes monsters of us all.

From a suburban video shop to blinding deserts and cities razed to the ground, this is the story of an old man, a scientist and a dragon that sleeps beneath the sea.

An investigation into the ethics of autobiography, Destroyer asks, "Do we have the right to tell someone else's story?  And if not, is that a good enough reason not to?"




1 Female, 2 Male




60 mins total




"Brave, brilliant, emotional stuff."

The Advertiser


"A brand-new Fringe treasure."

The Australian


"So original and out there it has no comparisons."

The Barefoot Review


"A wondrous take on unresolved issues."

Samela Harris


"Lewis's dense, lyrical writing and elliptical approach to a familiar scenario make for a captivating 60 minutes."



"An outstanding piece of theatre: edgy, touching, relatable and funny - not one to miss!"

Radio Adelaide


"A really talented Australian playwright, really playing with performance form.  Great stuff!"

Radio National


"Exceptional writing about the most painful of experiences."

Andy Packer, AD, Slingsby


"Honest, complex, funny and original."

Chris Drummond, AD, Brink Productions


"It's complex but exceptionally well-written...  Performances, too, are excellent...  Bizarre and unconventional?  Definitely.  But funny, quirky, insightful, honest, compelling theatre?  Undoubtedly."

Adelaide Theatre Guide


"It's like watching a Charlie Kauffman film, on stage.  It is sweet, funny, intricate, and highly entertaining.  Seriously you should see this, it's excellent.  5 Stars."

Kryztoff RAW


"Caleb Lewis and his collaborators are destined for greatness."

Glam Adelaide