Maggie Stone


"I had a fella in yesterday.  Black. Needed money to fix his car. 
I could have approved it.  It was only eight hundred... Not a bloody cent."

Maggie Stone is alone.  She’s a hard-hearted fifty-something bitch of a loans officer who doesn’t owe the world a bloody thing.  She is also living on borrowed time.  After decades of takeout, booze and smokes her heart can’t take any more. 

After refusing a loan to a man in desperate need, and learning of his subsequent actions, she finds herself drawn to the young family left behind,  encountering suspicion at first and at last finding friendship in the unlikeliest of places.  But as her own feelings develop is friendship enough? 

For even favours require gratitude, investment requires returns, and an outstanding debt awaits satisfaction.  Enter a ruthless creditor demanding an impossible payment and revelations of a family in way over its head.  The sharks are circling now, there's blood in the water and soon the life Maggie borrowed will need to be paid for.




90 minutes




4 Females, 3 Males




In his astutely incisive, often bitterly funny, new work, Maggie Stone, playwright Caleb Lewis asks, “How do borrowing and lending affect our relationships with others ?” And he doesn’t just mean financial transactions, but the effect of emotional debts; the price of magnanimity and the cost of being beholden.

The Australian


“Adelaide playwright Caleb Lewis has written an impressive script. He has focused on one woman and her contact with a poor African family and, in doing so, explores the role of charity and whether it assists or oppresses those who receive it.  Maggie Stone is well worth seeing.”

Independent Daily.


“In Maggie, playwright Caleb Lewis has created a character that is extensively flawed yet somehow still likeable. This is a play about the people in our community and the attitudes that make up our society. It will make you question your own views and actions, and remind you that there is always more going on than you may appreciate.”

Kryztoff RAW


“A superb evening of thought and emotion provoking theatre that will stay with audiences for a long time after.”

Broadway World Reviews




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