Aleksander & the Robot Maid


"They look silly don't they?  In those big bumbling heads. 

We even put a smile on their face to let people know they're happy."


When gifted young inventor, Aleksander journeys to the hallowed city of Robotika he is thrilled by the technological marvels of the Steam Age.  And thanks to the Industrials, those strange boxheaded, robot servants, here everyone is able to laugh and play all day long.

But when Aleksander meets "Daisy," a shy young robot-maid, he begins to suspect that Robotika is more than it seems and that the people's newfound happiness may come at a terrible price.

Together the two friends will discover the truth behind Robotika's shining facade, and go on to lead  an Industrial Revolution of their own. 




70 minutes




(3 Females, 2 Males)




“Terrific theatre for kids aged 7-10, a rare thing in children's theatre.  

Elissa Blake


“Lewis's new play is well on the way to becoming an engrossing theatre experience for adults as well as its target audience, children aged eight and up.” 

Sydney Morning Herald


"I felt a shiver tingle across my skin and a tear form in my eye as we watched one friend save another and were reminded that not everything is about ambition, work, lifestyle... And sometimes it takes a play like Aleksander and the Robot Maid to remind us of that.  I urge you to go... I loved it."  

Augusta Supple


“My two eight year old guests were gripped by this story and despite some scary moments they both loved it.    

Daily Telegraph


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