Across a Crowded Room


"Do something crazy.  Something you'd never ordinarily do. 

Go up to them, a stranger, across a crowded room, and ask them to dance. 


'Across a Crowded Room' is an immersive installation for two, drawing on all the tropes and fantasies associated with Romance to stage a wholly artificial yet nonetheless beguiling experience between two strangers - and in doing so to create a shared moment of genuine intimacy.  Lasting just a few minutes, the experience aims to capture the giddy feeling of love at first sight, as a private shared moment between two head-phoned strangers as the world carries on around them.  And if they are willing and brave enough, perhaps we'll see them dance.


First staged at the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Sydney as part of Rock Surfers' Home Brew Festival, the show exceeded all expectations.  The installation has led to new meetings, new conversations, new experiences, new memories, new phone numbers changing hands and on one occasion even a kiss,  proving in spite of all our careful cynicism, we’re all still hopeless romantics, still yearning to see sparks fly and our hearts jolt when we first spy that special someoneacross a crowded room’.