EXCLUSION ZONE: An Unreliable Walking Tour



"What is a map but a way of emphasising some things and making others invisible?"


Join us on a one hour journey into the heart of Kings Cross, mapping the city unseen, and investigating reports of recent unaccountable cryptocartographic activity.  This is the first incursion into the proposed KXZ (Kings Cross Exclusion Zone) since last year’s doomed Tarkovsky expedition; potential stalkers are reminded of the attendant risks. A base camp will be established at nearby Griffin Theatre.  Party members will be briefed, trained in sample collection, and view recordings recovered from prior visits to the site.  The party will set out on foot, crossing over into the zone of uncertainty through an existing breach, to document signs of recent activity and ascertain whether the contested area continues to grow.  Separated party members are advised not to panic, nor to be taken in by the zone’s shifting realities and to return to the pavilion within the hour to minimise exposure. To avoid raising alarm the expedition will pose as a walking tour. 




60 minutes




1 - ?




"I’m sorry I won’t be able to send anything through about the show. We had to sign a damned Non-Disclosure Agreement. Along with a Liability Waiver I might add.  But just between us, I think you should really check it out."

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*First staged in Bondi, NSW, as part of the 2017 Bondi Feast Festival

**Second staging in Sydney's Kings Cross, as part of Griffin Theatre's Batch Festival, 2018