If There Was A Colour Darker Than Black I'd Wear It


in collaboration with

Rising Damp & Illuminart



South Australian Ruby Award for Innovation


A journey through the night. A multi-installation promenade performance combining technology, live performance and found spaces to create a richly immersive experience.

Adrian Fulgin is missing.  But where did he go and why?  Could anyone have stopped him?  His parents?  His coach?  His best friends?  Those closest to him cannot reach him and the nearer we come to understanding, the further away he seems. 

Join us, on and offline, as we trawl the city streets in search of answers.  From the train station to a 21st birthday party, to the footy club and finally deep into the heart of the forest. 

Absence reverberates throughout the work.  Absence of a central character, absence of bodies in space, even absence of clear meaning.  Rather “Black” is experienced in fragments, unfolding like a poem.  Narrative is spare, even elusive.  Conclusions uncertain and open to interpretation.

This is a journey visiting through the dreams, passions and fierce tribal loyalties felt by young men growing up here and now.  “Black” asks what might lead us to cut ties with those we love and turn our backs on the life we know.  And what happens to those we leave behind?


* First Performed in Mount Gambier in 2011 then toured to Goolwa in 2012 then remounted in Mt Gambier in 2013 and toured to Bathurst in 2014