Tin Shed Camping Tours


Welcome to Camp D'eath, which is really rather lovely. 

Apart from the murders.

And the alien abductions

Oh and the were-worms. 

And everything else.


in collaboration with

Phil Spencer, Scarlet McGlynn, Tim Spencer, Zoe Norton-Lodge, Matilda Ridgway and Nikki Britton


Will you survive the night?

Come dawn, who will be the last camper standing?

A night of interactive survival-horror crammed with every B-movie trope we could think of. 

Plus there's sing-a-longs too. 

A ninety-minute rollercoaster of fast, furious fun.


First staged at Fraser Studios in 2012 and remounted for Bondi Summer Camp, 2015




          90 minutes




          Flexible depending on audience size.